Mind, Body and Spirit Integration – Exotic Island Summer Retreat in Croatia August 2010

Croatia 2010 Retreat

8th August – 13th August 2010

Would you like to spoil yourself this summer?

Sunshine, Exotic Islands, Turquoise Ocean, good company, great food, a healthy balance of inspirational workshops, rest and relaxation all at great prices.  Then don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity, why not book now to insure your place and secure your flight booking.

Mind, Body and Spirit Integration

We probably live in one of the most challenging and exciting times in human evolution. A time when a new conscious awareness is emerging from within us and all around us, a time of great potential and possibility is available to all who strive for it! As we see every four years in the Olympic Games, the human spirit is capable of breaking all records and belief systems as to what is humanly possible.

With the right support, encouragement and training, we can all achieve amazing things!  We are all, in our own way, potential Olympians. This workshop is designed to help you to discover and bring out the very best in yourself and others.  Through the balanced development of mind, body and spirit, we are capable of creating a life full of miracles.  With a strong spirit and a well trained mind and body all things are possible. Special features of this workshop include learning how to:

  • Work with the laws of Attraction and Abundance
  • Attract and create effective relationships
  • Focus, concentrate and apply the creative forces of mind, body and spirit
  • Receive creative guidance and inspiration from the higher mind
  • Understand the laws of Grace and the laws of Karma
  • How to live your life to the full, helping others along the way
  • Exercises for mind, body and spirit
  • How to put it all into action


Click on link to see full details of this summer’s programme at Harmony Centre Croatia. www.harmony.hr




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  • June 1, 2010
  • When I am close to nature it’s as if my whole being, mind, body and soul finds a renewed lease of life, it is such a deeply subtle yet profound experience that it is beyond the reach of words to explain. During and after such experiences I am lead to wonder WHY on earth we would even want to cut ourselves off from our natural way of being in exchange for what amounts to purely selling our souls for a man made concepts of happiness?

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