Understanding and Mastering Emotions

Understanding and Mastering Emotions

Understanding and Mastering Emotions

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that around ninety-nine percent of the people in today’s world live as victims.

Convinced that the situations of life are beyond our control, we live as victims of the weather, the economy, the government and of our own limitations. We are happy only when someone or something else makes us happy. If we are sad or angry, it’s someone else’s fault.

We are told that it is wrong to express our emotions. On the other hand, we are told we should ‘let it all out’. Neither seems to work.

What does work is to learn to understand others and ourselves better through our emotional experiences. To see these experiences as a gift, bringing greater understanding into our lives.

Through this process of discovery, we can learn to tap into our personal power of decision. We may not be able to control situations or other people, but we do have the right to decide how we are going to feel, act and respond to them in any given moment.

This is one of the first steps to Self-Mastery and learning to be joyfully effective in life. Through this process we can learn to be emotional and love it!

Highlights of this workshop include:

  • Understanding the difference between expression and suppression.
  • The nine steps to emotional management.
  • Discovering subconscious irrational beliefs.
  • Self talk The Inner Dialogue.
  • The three facets of love.
  • Putting it all into practice.
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  • Why Getting Back to Nature is so Important for our Wellbeing
  • June 1, 2010
  • When I am close to nature it’s as if my whole being, mind, body and soul finds a renewed lease of life, it is such a deeply subtle yet profound experience that it is beyond the reach of words to explain. During and after such experiences I am lead to wonder WHY on earth we would even want to cut ourselves off from our natural way of being in exchange for what amounts to purely selling our souls for a man made concepts of happiness?

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