Life Skills Training

I think it is fair to say that all of us could benefit from the opportunity of further education when it comes to Life Skills Training. There is always more to learn even when we are quite proficient or skilled in certain areas of our lives. In my work with groups of people or individuals worldwide it has become apparent to me that our current education systems do not prepare us for some of the most essential skills needed for developing strength of character, which is essential in order to succeed not only in work and in business but in all relationships. At the end of the day, nine times out of ten, people will choose to listen to you or spend time in your company based on their feelings about you or the way they think you make them feel. This also applies to whether or not they buy something from you.

Knowing how to feel comfortable in our own skin is in my opinion and experience one of the most important life skills to be developed. Most people sadly live as victims to other people?s opinions of them rather than having a healthy sense of their own self-esteem, regardless of any short comings. Basic foundation training (which in my opinion should be included in our education systems) for life skills should include:

  1. The development of conscious thinking, i.e. taking responsibility
    for the quality of our thinking and its effect on self, others and our
  2. The ability to intelligently question and examine our belief
    systems, their validity and authenticity.
  3. Understanding and mastering emotions
  4. The development of intuitive intelligence
  5. Advanced learning through the language of dreams and dream interpretation
  6. Personal responsibility for our action or inaction at all times
  7. The development of effective and constructive habits
  8. Proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper studies, proper diet.
  9. The development of such qualities such as: Wisdom, humility, compassion, honesty, integrity and courage.
  10. Inner stability in the face of adversity.
  11. The overall development of self trust, self-esteem, self respect and self acceptance.
  12. Listening and communication skills
  13. Holistic learning, (the balanced development of the physical and subtle senses)
  14. The conservation of life force for a long and healthy life style.
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