The Challenge of Relationships

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“Relationships are our greatest gift and our greatest challenge.” Life skills teacher, John Christian, explains that awareness is the first key to successful relationships. He also explains that within relationships we grow and mature – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – if we’re willing to. If we don’t, we become a victim of ourself, and of limited understanding and awareness with our partner, when it becomes a battle, rather than a relationship. He explains that when we get into a relationship we get to see into a mirror – everything we like about ourselves, and everything we dislike about ourselves, “…and you can bet, in a relationship, there’s no better place to meet yourself, and to grow.”

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  • Why Getting Back to Nature is so Important for our Wellbeing
  • June 1, 2010
  • When I am close to nature it’s as if my whole being, mind, body and soul finds a renewed lease of life, it is such a deeply subtle yet profound experience that it is beyond the reach of words to explain. During and after such experiences I am lead to wonder WHY on earth we would even want to cut ourselves off from our natural way of being in exchange for what amounts to purely selling our souls for a man made concepts of happiness?

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