Through The Eyes Of The Enlightened: Tamo-san



Rev. Ryoju Kikuchi (alias Tamo)

Born as the third child of a Buddhist priest in 1908.

The grandfather saw the child to be very unique and decided to separated her from the other children and the rest of the family, so as to keep the child from being influenced by the people who are usually so occupied by their own problems. The grandfather had living quarters at the back of an altar, away from the other family members, where the infant stayed.

The baby was named “Tatsu” who grew up with a unique perception. This child was my mother who taught me to understand that “everything natural is glowing and the beauty of it was enough to make her happy all the time”. What she could not understand was the emotional responses of other children, who rant and rave about not having what they wanted, or not having attention from others, as she was always content regardless of the situation.

The puzzle was solved when she reached the age of twenty two, when she was to be ordained by the Nishi Honganji head temple of the Jodo-Shinshuu sect. While waiting in the room before the ceremony, the scroll on the wall said, “Seeing the Truth”, suddenly broke into millions of golden particle, and streamed into her body. She saw the birth of the universe, everything in the universe and how things appeared to be separated from one another, where they are actually inseparable. Everything is essentially light and light is inseparable. She saw that it is an illusion to think of ourselves as separate human beings, when in truth, we are born of the same life force. All of the information that poured into her mind, was so huge that it took her about ten days to assimilate.

After that experience, she understood her calling. In order to bring about everlasting peace on earth, all of mankind needs to be awakened. There is no other way! She knew that the experience she had, must be shared by every man on earth, otherwise suffering of all the living beings including the planet will never cease.

As a young priestess, Ryoju (ordained name), she travelled for ten years all over Japan and other countries to preach. Meanwhile, she tried to write the way she sees and feels things, but it was difficult as she had not attend school very often and therefore had not been trained to write well. By the time the book was published, Ryoju established the new sect “Butsugen-shu” where people of all faith gathered. People called her “Tamo-san (which means the first mother).

Tamo-san’s teachings were very simple. Be happy, there is no reason not to be. Look around you, you are surrounded by beauty. Everything glows with brilliant light (now provable by Quantum physics) and we are all part of the same one being called nature. All we need to do is to see things with different eyes, which all of us possess. Thus, Butsugen (the eye of God) is what we need to open up within ourselves. After that happens, everything will return to its natural order and until then, suffering will continue to exist.

Unfortunately, people see the ideal to be clear, but how to reach the ideal was another matter. Tamo-san told me, that it will take time for all of mankind to be awakened, but when it happens, it happens to all of us simultaneously. The darkest time of the day is right before dawn. Now is the dark time, so the dawn is near.

Tamo-san passed away on November 21st of 2001. There were ten of us seeing her off that morning. The room was filled with golden particles which almost all of us saw. She left in a flood of golden light.


Shizuru Kikuchi (Tamo-san’s daughter)


Left to right, Sir George Trevelyan, Dr Paul Solomon, Tamo-san and John Christian.

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