A Catalyst For Change: Dr Paul Solomon

Dr Paul Solomon - a catalyst for change

Dr Paul Solomon - a catalyst for change

At the age of twenty seven, I was invited by a friend to join her and a small group in meditation.

At that time (in my ignorance) even the word meditation brought up resistance and uncertainty in me, but Bea was a good friend, so I sheepishly yet reluctantly, agreed to go along. I remember thinking what am I doing here? I could have been in the pub with the lads or out with my show biz mates. At that time in my life, I was totally focused on fame and fortune, but I was about to find out, in no uncertain terms, that there is much more to life than that alone. I sat down feeling very self conscious and resistant, one of Bea’s friends who was leading the group said “Let us pray” and then we will sit in silence. In my scepticism, I thought this is weird, but if you can’t beat them, join them. I then closed my eyes, risking the occasional peak to see if anyone was watching me in my self-conscious embarrassment. It soon became very still and quiet and then to my own amazement, I found myself in an altered state of consciousness (I had no idea that such states existed or were achievable). Suddenly my sense of consciousness and awareness was no longer restricted by or limited to my usual every day sense of things. In this altered state, I became aware that consciousness itself, is not limited to the body or the single individual and that it is the source of creative intelligence. From this profoundly elevated perception of myself and all of life, I was shown that our every breath is actually the source of creative consciousness, pouring itself into us and out of which we either create in the likeness of divine intelligence (Nature /God) or we are free to create a small and limited sense of self, others and life.

It was a very shocking awakening to suddenly realise that I had somehow been living in and with such a limited perception of reality for the former twenty seven years of my life. If you can imagine being in a cinema and becoming so engrossed in the movie that you completely forget your surroundings, the movie becomes your reality, then suddenly, someone switches the lights on and says, hey wake up, it’s only a movie. It appears that a moment of revelation and truth is just like that! Needless to say at that time, I was ill equipped mentally or emotionally to know how to cope with such an experience. It was a catalyst for major change within me and my life. I began a spiritual quest in the hopes of finding someone that might be able help me understand and live with my own experience.

Over a period of time, first, came the book ‘The Magic of Findhorn’ which was another revelation to me to discover that there was a growing community of like – minded seekers on the planet and in Scotland.

While I was there, I heard a tape recording of a talk given by Paul Solomon called ‘Planetary Mystery Schools’ which later lead me to attend the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at Olympia in London, where I listen to and met Paul Solomon. This was to be the beginning of a seventeen year on and off journey, in which Paul played his part in shaping my understanding of life as a mystery school, in which we are our own best teacher (if we know how to listen) and at times our own best or worst student. Paul’s strongest message was concerning the need for proper education in the learning of how to take personal responsibility, for all that we attract to ourselves and all that we create in our lives.

Left to right, Sir George Trevelyan, Dr Paul Solomon, Tamo-san and John Christian.

Left to right, Sir George Trevelyan, Dr Paul Solomon, Tamo-san and John Christian.

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