Our Greatest Gift and Our Greatest Challenge

Why is the mind or our rational, logical, analytical and deductive process of thinking, a part of our greatest gift and challenge?

Reality and the challenge of transcending intellect. We are capable of not only feeling but experiencing the self contracting, self deluding imaginings of the unenlightened aspect of mind and its wanderings.

Reality and the challenge of seeing past the intellect. We are capable of not only feeling but experiencing the self contracting, self deluding imaginings of the unenlightened aspect of mind and its wanderings.

When reflected upon from the observation of pure conscious awareness, it is experientially recognizable that every thought that arises within us, is an illusion or rather a fabrication of the imagination, like a magic spell through which we delude ourselves and create a limited and false sense of reality. This is so powerful, that it is carried through the central nervous system as a bio-chemical response/message to every cell of the body.  The body then responds instantly according to the impressions of the most dominant thoughts.  It is, as if we are master magicians falling under the spell of our every thought and self created delusions of ego. As we do so, we are often completely unaware of the effect that we are having on ourselves and others from moment to moment, due to the fact that we are so self- absorbed. However, if we should stop to notice, we all have an innate intuitive sense of our own self-disillusionment. We are capable of not only feeling but experiencing the self contracting, self deluding imaginings of the unenlightened aspect of mind and its wanderings.  

Due to centuries of man’s focus on the development of the rational, logical, analytical, deductive process, the over-worshipped intellect, to which, we currently associate with as a measure of intellectual intelligence, we now find ourselves collectively en-meshed in the reliance on these faculties alone, in order to understand self, life and others. Such is the power of this delusion, that en-masse we now predominantly think our lives rather than truly feel and live them. The ego aspect of mind is now so dominant, that it runs our Institutions from the stand point of power seeking control and materialisms, all of which, unless transcended, cannot and will not lead us individually or collectively to truth and reality.  This is all primarily ego based, and not based on the true enlightenment and liberation of humanity. It is still the result of ego mentality, seeking to liberate its self from itself, whilst relying on mental interpretations of reality, rather than direct experiential pure conscious awareness. Pure conscious awareness existed before we learned to think and is the only true reality before during and after thought. Only when we transcend mind, body, and ego association, do we enter into pure conscious awareness, which is accessible to all who train themselves to use the rational, logical, analytical, intuitive and deductive process, as a tool for the process of transcendence and self liberation.  

How can we recognise the difference between the Ego-Self the True-Self or the Authentic-Self?

Simply said, what is commonly referred to as the ego, could be summarised as any single thought or any sense, subject, object, point of view of ourselves as being separate and disconnected from the whole.  Ego then, being an energy field that we emit in order for the soul to gain life experience, especially when our thoughts and imaginings are self centred in an insecure way.  The deeper our sense of insecurity and venerability, the stronger the defensive energy field of the ego becomes. This causes us to feel even more isolated and cut off from all of the good qualities that our heart and soul desires.  

Hence the sayings “There is only one enemy, guess who it is.” “There is only one battle, guess, who it is with.”   

The more we become “a hard boiled ego” the more numb, we become to the truth, reality and all things good and true. The ego or lower self could be likened to shadows cast over the light of the sun.  As there are no shadows without light or sunlight, there can be no ego, without the light of consciousness.   

It is essential that we gain a fundamental understanding of the lower self (or the social ego and the social fear, sorrow, anger and bondages that tie us to the ever changing life- patterns of money, sex, separateness and self-contraction), if we are to gain the capability of fundamental self-understanding and the realization of the perfect transcendental spiritual nature, which is the (non-separate, non-dual, and non-conditional) Nature of Consciousness itself.  

“Consciousness itself is inherently free of the egoist “self “identification with the body – mind – complex (therefore, free from egoist “self” identification with, or bondage to and by the body – mind – complex), but not to the intentional exclusion of the body – brain – mind “self”. Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

It could be said then, that the true self or authentic transcendental self, that all authentic spiritual paths lead too, is truly hidden within our own hearts, behind the delusions of the self created ego.  A ‘Divine Paradox’. If this were not so, why would we all be driven to eventually ask ourselves, who am I?  What do I really want?  Where am I going? What is life really all about?

The true transcendental self is the one who prompts the unenlightened aspect of the ego to ask these and other questions of its self, in order to insure a gradual process of self enlightenment and eventual self liberation from the bondage of ego. From the stand point of intuitive intelligence we are the light of love and wisdom that guides us. It is not my intention to present the ego in a bad light, or as something to be struggled with, but rather as an energy field that reflects our state of consciousness in any given moment. In its rightful place it is an energy field through which the light of pure consciousness may shine and be expressed. The ego can be used by the conscious student to function as a reference point for recognizing that which is true or false (real or illusion) within ourselves.  

'A healthy ego is developed when, by our own effort we become what I refer to as a conscious student.' - John Christian

'A healthy ego is developed when, by our own effort we become what I refer to as a conscious student.' - John Christian

A healthy ego is developed when, by our own effort we become what I refer to as a conscious student. When on a daily basis, we do whatever is necessary to listen to and follow the promptings of the heart (light of pure conscious intuitive intelligence) as opposed to the temptations and insecurity habits of the ego’s energetic pulls. The outward flow of the ego or rational, logical, deductive process of mind must be transformed into introspection of the higher consciousness. As and when this is achieved the thinking process becomes purely an instrument for the conscious expression of truth and reality as it is! The ego then becomes self secure, self trusting, self aware and a selfless or paradoxically an egoless energy field (vehicle) through which the light of Love and Wisdom shines. This is a transformation (transfiguration) of the energy field of the ego from a low frequency of self centred, self consciousness, to a high frequency of embodied spiritual selflessness and oneness, out of which (What the unenlightened aspect of ego would considers to be miracles) can and do occur.  

Those of the self enlightened refer to these times that we live in as the dark ages or the end of days. Said another way, we have collectively become so mentally materialistically orientated, that the thought process alone have become like a blanket shield, blocking the light and vitality of our true nature and authentic spirituality.  Unless we each make the necessary effort on a daily bases to rend the veil, we easily fall under its powerful influences. Perhaps this is one of the greatest tests that we set ourselves both individually and collectively – To be true to ourselves in the truest sense of the word, or to allow ourselves to continue to be seduced into thinking and believing that there is little more to life than the accumulation of power, money, fame, fortune, etc., in order to satisfy our egos for a fleeting time, all at personal cost and the long term cost of future generations and very possibly (as many well established fields of research are now discovering) life as we know it.   

For latest authentic research on climate change: Google search engine (Latest authentic research on climate change) also See “Message from the Heart of the World” The Elder Brothers’ Warning.

“Moor the Boat” by the late Ryoju Kikuchi, Founder of “Butsugen-shu” (The eye of God) otherwise known as Tamo-san (which means the first mother) at www.moortheboat.com, which is hosted on this very website.

There are numerous other sources of the same visionary message that I have not quoted or listed here 

I have personally, had the blessing of spending time with three of the Kogi Elders and their families in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern Colombia and with Tamo-san in her Temple in Japan and on her worldly travels.  The vision, wisdom, urgency and sincerity through which they reach out to us “the younger brother”, (as the kogi refer to us) cuts through our conditioned sense of reality, like a golden sword of timeless truth. Their message is intended to speak directly and appeal to the hearts and souls of our humanity.

They are by no means the only indigenous or consciously aware people that I have encountered around the world, who speak from a collective vision, understanding and urgency.  But their message is clearly brought through an advanced conscious understanding of mankind’s place in the scheme of things. Although from their point of conscious perception the majority of us are like children. Their message is delivered with the loving urgency and compassion of a loving parent warning a child of the dangers of playing with fire!  

John Christian

“Be happy, as there is no reason not to be. Look around you, you are surrounded by beauty. Everything glows with brilliant light (now provable by Quantum Physics) and we are all part of the same one being called nature. All we need to do, is to see things with different eyes, which all of us possess. Thus, Butsugen-Shu (the eye of God) is what we need to open up within ourselves. Once this has happened, everything will return to its natural order and until then suffering will continue to exist”. Tamo-san

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