Back From My Teachers Renewal Programme

Hi everybody,

As you can probably tell, keeping up with my blog is not one of my better life skills for which I apologise.  For my own well being and continued learning process, I spent the first 16 days of November in a Teachers Renewal Programme at the Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. From the extreme contrast of my tent in the Bahamas, I then spent the rest of November staying with friends in there luxury home on Malibu Beach in California.

My time in LA gave me the chance to catch up with some very dear friends whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, friends from the field of Life Skills and friends from the film industry. As they say “It’s the journey that counts”.  I feel so blessed to be able to spend time in the company of such a wide variety of friends old and new.

While enjoying my mediation on Malibu beach one morning, I sensed that all was not well back at home! I called my neighbour, who kindly keeps an eye on my cottage for me and asked her if she would go in and check on the house for me. The response came back, “I’m afraid you have a problem, your water cylinder has burst in your loft and the ceiling has fallen in, it’s a mess”.  So most of December up until now has been time spent dealing with salvage, cleaning up, insurance companies, surveyors and the beginnings of redecorating.

In between that was Christmas and various festive seasonal events, alongside working with people with learning disabilities and mental care.

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  • When I am close to nature it’s as if my whole being, mind, body and soul finds a renewed lease of life, it is such a deeply subtle yet profound experience that it is beyond the reach of words to explain. During and after such experiences I am lead to wonder WHY on earth we would even want to cut ourselves off from our natural way of being in exchange for what amounts to purely selling our souls for a man made concepts of happiness?

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